• Vetark Professional Zolcal D, 120 ml
strongVetark Zolcal-D Liquid Calcium Supplementsstrong are designed to help you ensure your reptiles diet meets all his calcium requirements. Calcium deficiency is one of the main health issues for pet reptiles. p Zolcal-D is a liquid based supplement which contains vitamin D3 and magnesium. It can be added to your reptiles drinking water to increase his calcium uptake. The added D3 is useful for situations where your pet may not get adequate D3 from the enclosure lighting.p Suitable forp ul liUse as a calcium supplementli liAdding to drinking waterli liReptilesli liTortoisesli liTurtlesli ul
  • Veterinary formulated liquid calcium and vitamin d3
  • Use it where d3 or calcium are needed
  • Added to drinking water

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Vetark Professional Zolcal D, 120 ml

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