Product: Lime Leaves, Vacuum Dried

Latin Name: Citrus hystrix

Plant Family: Rutaceae

Other Names: Kaffir Lime, Kieffer Lime, Indonesian Lime Leaves, Wild Lime, Limettier Hérissé, Hojas de Lima Kaffir, Kaffernlimette, Kaffercitrom , Duan Jeruk Purut, Duan Limau Purut, Combava, Makrut Lime & Bai Makrut.

Description: Kaffir lime leaves come from an evergreen tropical thorny shrub native to Southeast Asia that grows to a height of 2-6 metres. The leaves are composed of 12-18 leaflets that are alternate, dark glossy green in colour on the upper surface and paler green below, the two part leaves are ‘joined’ in the centre giving them a ‘figure 8’ appearance and vary between 3-15cm in length. The 5-petaled flowers are white in colour, waxy in texture and fragrant. The fruits have a very bumpy, waxy texture and are a dark lime green in colour and approximately 4cm in diameter. The leaves have a distinctive lemony-lime flavour and aroma.

Interesting Fact: Did you know that water made from the juice obtained from the kaffir lime leaves and fruit is used to clean clothing and as an ‘anti-dandruff shampoo’ for hair? The fruit contains saponin which is a soap-like substance that has cleansing properties.

Ingredients: Dried leaves of Citrus hystrix (no preservative).

Allergy Advice: Lime leaves should be avoided by people who have intolerance to citrus products.

  • Shelf life of up to two years provided that goods are stored in an airtight container in ambient conditions.
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JustIngredients Essential Lime Leaves Vacuum Dried Loose 100 g

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